Animals of the Witches

Here is a list of animals that were associated with witches, and the ones they assumed the guise.

Black hen - in Germany, in case of illness, it was cooked behind closed doors, and needles were pierced in its heart before the rising of the sun, and then thrown away.

Hare - linked to witches it was told that to meet a hare in the morning was considered bad luck. It was believed that a hare fix to the lintel of the door would take away from the inhabitants every evil influence. Furthermore, it seems that they only had three legs.


Butterfly – it was considered an animal of bad omen because the witches took their appearance to steal the cream and butter.

Horse – it was a status symbol, a symbol of wealth, animal occult linked to all kinds of demonic creatures including witches. It was told that the Devil had a foot similar to the horse's leg with which the novices were branded.


Goat - it is told that the Devil was in the habit of presenting to the Sabbath in the guise of a goat from the black fleece. For this reason the presence of a black goat in a stable ensured the safety of all the animals

Owl - they shouted in front of the window of a house announcing the death of one of its inhabitants. They drove the army of ghosts. It was also allowed to protect the men from the witches, evil spirits and the evil eye.


Black Dog - on the collar shapes and magical symbols were drawn and to meet it, even in dreams, was a bad omen.


Pork - the witches worshiped assumed its appearance to sow discord; for this reason it was very dangerous to meet a pork without master.

Black cat - one of the major magic animal where witches loved change into. In daylight bewitched cats were harmless, but the night it was better not to trust them. It was easy to find a witch, it was enough to hurt a cat in the night, and the next day to find the wound at the same point, usually on a woman.

Raven - already the Babylonians believed it had the gift of prophecy. Then it was believed that demons and witches turned into ravens, for a long considered a sign of bad omen. Their blood and their pens were used to pacts with the devil.


Snake – it has always been a symbol of power, especially if seen as " Ancestral Snake ", or source of knowledge.
Bat –it was considered one of the favorite pets of witches, that took their appearance to harm people and animals. To keep them away dead bats were hung on the doors of homes.