Witches in Literature


Witches and magic are present  in many literary operas, in every time and everywhere all over the world.

Among the works, there are William Shakespeare (Macbeth), Charles Baudelaire (Flowers of Evil), Ambrose Bierce (Devil Dictionary), Umberto Eco (The Name of The Rose), Exodus (Old Testament), Friedrich Nietzsche, Jacob Sprenger e Heinrich Institor Kramer (Malleus Maleficarum).


Witches in Movies


There are numerous movies about witches. Some that could be mentioned are: I married a Witch (1942, USA, Renè Clair), Dies Irae (1943 Denmark, Carl Theodor Dreyer), The great inquiring (1968 USA, Michael Reeves), Rosemary’s baby (1968 USA, Roman Polanski), Satan’s brand (1969 USA, Michael Armstrong), Halloween, the night of the witches (1978 USA, John Carpenter), My wife is a witch (1980 Italia, Castellano e Pipolo), The witches of Eastwick (1987 USA, George Miller), Who is afraid of the witches? (1991 USA, Nicholas Roeg), The Blair witch project (1999 USA, D. Myrick, E. Sanchez), The secret book of the witches (2000 USA, Joe Berlinger), The wizard’s apprentice (2010 USA, Jon Turteltaub).

Witches in Art



Francisco Goya,

Sabbath of the Witches, 1797-1798

Madrid, Lazaro Galdiano Museum



Louis-Maurice Boutet De Monvel

Lessons before Sabbah,1880 ca.

Nemors, Château de Nanteau-sur-Lunain



Thèodore Chassèriau

Macbeth and the three Witches, 1855

Paris, D’Orsay Museum



Salvator Rosa

The Witches, 1640-1649

Milan, Private Collection



Francesco Salviati

The three Fates, 1550 ca.

Florence, Palatina Gallery