The Witches Janare

Schermata 2016-01-25 alle 17.19.41The etymology of the term " janara " comes from dianaria or dianiana according to some, " a follower of Diana," according to others, from the Latin name ianua (door), since the janara you lurked at the doors to break into homes. A remedy was to put brooms or bags containing grain of salt out door, because the janara, being nocturnal and very curious, could not avoid counting the threads of the brooms or grains of salt, and so she spent the night and then went away chased by light of day. The janara was linked to the cult magic of the earth, knew the use of plants, could control the weather events and knew how to unleash storms and the remedies of diseases through manipulation of the herbs. She had no ties with the devil and therefore had significance just as magical as the fairies. Tradition also has it that whoever was born on Christmas Eve was prepared to turn into a werewolf if man, in janara  if woman.