Why “Happy Witches”?

strega copiaBenevento and the Witches: an ancient combination that, from over ten centuries, popular tradition made famous all over the world for the magic custom celebrated around the “nut tree” in the main town of Sannio.

An original collection of precious and refined jewels is born from this tradition; the fantastic world of Witches inspired it.

Twelve Witches, among the “happy” ones, have been selected to emphasize the mystery surrounding this charming and fantastic legend.

Twelve masks have been realized in gold, silver and other precious metals, representing  positive witches.slide_-04

The masks are enriched by precious gems as diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, by colored stones as coral, turquoise, amber.

Each Witch is realized in shape of bracelet, ring, necklace, pendant, pin and earrings; the jewels are hand-chiseled by clever goldsmiths.

The jewels are reproduced by exclusive and original drawing with the registered trademark BN 3, the one of Orzelleca Gioielli.

They are unique, permeated by well wishing meanings; for this reason this objects are something more than jewels: they send out a a magic strength due to the precious stones, stones joined to the twelve “happy Witches”, real allied when put on.

The Witches cancel negativities and favor success and charm.