Witches’ tools

ago&filo-03Needle - in the world is seen as a tool with great abilities included in the " black magic ". It was advised not to pick up needles found on the ground because they could be magical and therapeutic, and were left there by a witch.


Magic Wand - a natural extension of the arm of the witch and wizard, it was an indispensable tool. It was derived from the branch of a core that had to be cut at precise periods, according to a certain procedure and to maximum safety.


Candles -  great source of energy related to the fire element; it was used by witches in any type of business


Umbilical cord - in Sabbath the witches offered candles or the umbilical cord of newborn babies.


Fork – it was used to exercise the sympathetic magic. According to a legend, in Thuringia a farmer, after being robbed, turned to a wizard to be helped.The wizard speared a piece of paper with a fork and, shortly after, the farmer heard the atrocious screams of his neighbor, thief of the stolen goods .


Magic cloak –originally characteristic of the gnomes and fairies, it was also transferred to the magical world of witches. It was able to make invisible to anyone.


Lucky coin - although spent, it always went back into the pockets of those who possessed it. They were delivered by the witches and had many side effects.


Knot - in Europe it was widespread the belief that all evils witches were collected within a knot, so it was a good advise not  to untie a knot.


Broom - symbol associated with witches, it was used to remove the rubbish collected in the corners. It was burned to prevent the exercise the witches used for evil, and thus considered to be magical.

setaccio-03Sieve - Considered a magic item, it was associated with witches, who used to draw water from a river and carry it for miles.


Mirror - it was used by witches to make spells or practice divination.



Churn - wooden object created by the shepherds and cattle breeders to churn the cream of the milk and get the butter.